The Members Lists of Tobruk Veterans (Rats of Tobruk) on this Site, contain Individuals who are Believed to fit the Eligibility Criteria for a Rat of Tobruk, but the Lists of 13,741 plus, having come from a variety of sources, have not all been Verified from their Service Records held at NAA, therefore; such things as, POW capture Dates and Locations, etc, have not necessarily been Verified, in all cases. Further research and corrections form part of the Ongoing Processes of maintaining Data Integrity.

Due to the difficulties of having access to sufficient validated information, such as the Original Attestation Forms of Veterans and the necessary use of less certified information, Owen Carlton, can give no assurance of the accuracy of information contained in the Database Members Records. Nor can he certify, for the same reasons previously stated, that all Members shown in these Records, were in fact participants of the Siege of Tobruk or were Valid Members of a ROTA Branch.

No Liability, for the Members Database Records or the Related Web Site Contents, or the Actions of other parties involved with the creation or presentation of material herein contained, will be assumed or accepted, by the Creator/Owner of the National ROT Database, or any Business Entities involved with the Design and Management of the ROT Website.

The Content of this National ROT Database and associated ROT Web Site, being the Sole Property of Owen Carlton of Melbourne, is subject to Copyright©2011-12, and as such, Permission for the use of any Intellectual Content, contained in the National ROT Database and/or Displayed on the associated ROT Web Site, must be obtained from Owen Carlton.

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