Notice of Changes:

30/06//2018:::::  My National ROT Database has now accumulated the following:-

Tobruk Army Aus = 11597
Tobruk RAN Aus = 1043
Tobruk RAAF Aus = 27...
Tobruk Fallen = 2535
Tobruk POW = 1099
Tobruk Army UK = 102
Tobruk RN UK = 24
Tobruk RAF = 4
Tobruk Army Polish =398
Tobruk Army Czech = 4
Living Rats = 67

Records added since 1/09/2017 = 2716

This is a very Important Section and I request all Descendants and Relatives of Rats to have a Close Look at this Section for your Rat of Tobruk, whose Service Records have not been digitised for Verification of Service in Tobruk, during the Siege of Tobruk Period. it is quite likely that Descendants and Relative are not aware that Service Records do exist at NAA for all Second AIF Personnel of WW2. It is only neccessary to Email ( ) and request the Service Records of, (Service Number, Names) be made viewable online.
Currently there are 462 Records in the UnConfirmed (Non Tobruk) Section of my National ROT Database, waiting for advise that they have been digitised. When I receive such advice I will review their Service Records, with the hope that I can register another Rat of Tobruk, in the Tobruk Section.
If you have any concerns in regard to the above, please Eamil Me ( )



 In Addition: In the Un-Confirmed Section, are 462 records, for which the Service Records are not available online at NAA, allowing Verification of Service as a Rat of Tobruk; nor is there other means of verifying their Service as Rats of Tobruk - I need your assistance with these Soldiers records.

Since 1st September 2017; 2716 Rats of Tobruk have been added to my National ROT Database.

The Magic Stated Number of 14,000, has now been passed, thank to the assistance of my Friends, Roger Murphy of Cleveland, Brisbane and Sue Trewartha of Ceduna, SA.. 

The records mentioned above are displayed in my ROT Tribute Website under the Honour Rolls Menu.

Due to the complex criteria involved in the research of Service Records, it is not possible to guarantee that all Rats of Tobruk, Fallen or POWs, have been included in this Database or that every record is actually that of a Rat of Tobruk; based on their Unit, Enlistment Date, arrival Date in the Middle East, and their movements during the Siege of Tobruk Period, for their particular Unit. More specifically, the lack of Verification of Service for some Individuals is due to the fact that Documented Evidence is not available to confirm their Service, based on the required criteria.

It would be most helpful, if Descendants and Relatives of a Rat of Tobruk could see their way clear to have the Service Records of their Rat of Tobruk made viewable online at NAA, or being able to provide other forms of documented evidence, thereby allowing the Verification of Service as a Rat of Tobruk, to be ascertained.

Your request to NAA can be performed by Email ( ) stating - I request the Service Records of (Service Number), (Full Names) be made viewable online.

E & O E - If you have concerns for any record appearing on my ROT Web Site, or if you think I have missed a Rat of Tobruk Veteran, Fallen Rat or POW Rat, please contact the Author, Owen Carlton, by Email ( ) with the relevant details of your concern. I will be only too pleased to assist in any way I can.

We do have a high number of Blank Cells shown for the Deceased Date of Rats - Help is needed to fill these Blank Cells with the correct Full Date of Death, for completion of a record.

Remember the Rats of Tobruk Motto - "No Surrender" and "What We Have - We Hold"

Let us all assist; in Keeping the FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk, who Served with the Allied Forces involved in the Siege of Tobruk.


Owen Carlton

A Proud Nasho



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