This is a Map of the Middle East, in 1941 WW2, where our Rats of Tobruk trained, fought and visited while on leave, etc. It also contains a list of the various Hospitals, Training Battalions, Staging Camps, etc, that appear in the Service Records of our Rats. This Map was created by Pierre Seillier, from information provided by Owen Carlton, Ex ROTA.






Polish Rats of Tobruk Immigrants


Copied from Trove and provided by Lucyna Artimiuk, from the Polish Museum in Hobart, Australia.


280 Poles on way to Aust.
LONDON, Sat. — Two hundred and eighty Polish soldiers, all members of the Rats of Tobruk Association, will leave England for Australia in the liner Asturias on August 29.
They have been specially selected for work on the Tasmanian hydro-electric scheme,and will travel as a military unit under the command of a British Major.
They will be discharged from military service when they arrive in Australia.
They will be admitted to Australia on condition that they remain in the employ of the Tasmanian Hydro-ElectricCommission for two years.
Before leaving for New York on the Queen Elizabeth today, Immigration Minister Calwell said the British Government had agreed to make available
the Asturias for another voyage to Australia in November.
She would carry 1400 migrants.




Rats of Tobruk Victoria Cross Recipients



Currently there are Six (6) Victoria Cross Recipients on my National ROT Database.



Having recently been gratefully gifted the magnificent book "The Victoria Cross Australia Remembers" by the Author, Michael C. Madden and Miss Susan Serey, City of Casey Councillor, I was prompted to investigate how many Rats of Tobruk Victoria Cross recipients were stored  on my National ROT Database and ROT Tribute Website.

Having found Six (6) ROT Victoria Cross recipients, I felt the need to reveal the details of how they earned their Victoria Crosses, on my ROT Tribute Website, for all to see.

Thank you Michael C. Madden for producing this incredible book - a Masterpiece of our Military Heritage - and for autographing it for me, in our home - what a surprise this was for me - Blown away.

Thank you Susan Serey, for being such a great Friend and for being part of the Team which organised the launch of Michael Madden's book at Bunlil Place, City of Casey, and furthermore; for having organised the gift of the book to me, and for bringing Michael Madden to our home.


I recommend  this Masterpiece to all avid readers and collectors of our Australian Military Heritage, the proceeds of which goes to out Permanently and Totally Incapacitated (TPI) Victoria, Australia.



The below content has been obtained from the Australian War Memorial website, with minor changes to suit my presentation.



NX15705 EDMONDSON, John Hurst, 2/17 Bn.



WX9858 GURNEY, Arthur Stanley, 2/48 Bn.


QX1071 FRENCH, John Alexander, 2/9 Bn.



WX10426 GRATWICK, Percival Eric, 2/48 Bn.



NX24405 CHOWNE, Albert, 2/13 Bn.



SX7964 DERRICK, Thomas Currie, 2/48 Bn.



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