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My ROT Tribute Website currently contains the records of 1092 RAN Members of :

  • HMAS Waterhen
  • HMAS Voyager
  • HMAS Vendetta
  • HMAS Vampire
  • HMAS Stuart
  • Also listed are Crew Members of Escort Ships:-
  • Hobart
  • Parramatta
  • Napier
  • Nizam

These are the Ships of the Royal Australian Navy that supported our Army Troops in Tobruk, during the Siege Period of April 10 til November 7, 1941.

These Ships carried in the Supplies (Food, Ammunition, Fuel & Equipment, etc) and Reinforcement Troops to replace those who had Fallen or who were Wounded in Action.

These Ships carried out seriously Wounded, for evacuation to better equipped Hospitals in Egypt and Palestine, to receive treatment that could not be provided at the 2/4 AGH, located in Tobruk, by the Harbour.

These Ships operated under most difficult of conditions, very often under attack by Italian and German aircraft - theirs was no easy task.

The Army Rats of Tobruk, looked up to these RAN Officers and Men, who supported them under the most arduous conditions - you will never hear a Rat of Tobruk (Army) say anything bad about our Navy.


I thank the Webmaster of Gun Plot for providing Crew Lists for the 5 Scrap Iron Flotilla Ships, from which my records have been created - not all on those Crew Lists for these Ships, Served on the Tobruk Run, for that particular period and do not appear on my records.


If your RAN Rat of Tobruk is not on my ROT Tribute Website, please contact me with his Full Names and his Service Number, so that I can investigate.

My Contact Details can be found in my ROT Tribute Website - Contacts.


Thank You

Owen Carlton

A Proud Nasho


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