The Home Page Image is of the current Monument in the Commonwealth War Cemetery Tobruk. The original Monument was an obelisk and was created in 1941 from local materials which suffered seriously from  weathering. It was replaced in 1948 with improved materials and is located 7klm inland from the town of Tobruk (Tobruq), along a track, about 100m on the left side of the main road, from Tobruk to Alexandria.

This Cemetery incorporates the original Burial Ground and contains the Graves of 2282 Commonwealth Servicemen, with 171 Burials unidentified. Many Graves have come from local battlefield areas in the desert.

There are 171 Graves of other nationalities, mostly Polish, and 559 identified Australian Graves (540 Army & 19 Air Force).

Chester Wilmot, in a description of the ceremony at the dedication of this Memorial, wrote, "The real Monument is their Name and their most honoured resting place, is in the grateful hearts of their fellow men"

As a gesture of Symbolism and Recognition of Sacrifice, an image of John Hurst Edmondson, VC (Posthumous), of 2/17 Battalion, 20th Brigade, 9th Aust Division, was added to the column - John Edmondson was the first Australian VC winner in WW2.

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