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Dear Website Viewer - Please Note:-

  • If your Ancestor has Passed On; and if his Deceased Column is Blank; please contact the Author with his Full Date of Death, to complete his record.
  • If your Ancestor is not on this Honour Roll, check the "Uncomfirmed Roll" and if found there, please contact the Author and provide evidence of Service as a Rat of Tobruk, if possible.
  • If your Ancestor is not on any Honour Roll, please contact the Author, with his Service Number and Full Names.
  • Just added today:-
  • READING/STORIES, The Last Patrol-Bill Noyce.
  •  MEDIA/YOUTUBE/ 3 Gumleaves in Tobruk.
  • Where are the Descendants and Relatives of these Potential Rats of Tobruk:- 
  • I have added an "UnConfirmed Section" for Soldiers (1971) who very likely are Rats of Tobruk, but whose Service Records at NAA, have not been made viewable online, for Verification of Service as a Rat of Tobruk, by Family Members or Otherwise.
  • I am asking all Descendants and Relatives of Rats to view this List of Potential Rats of Tobruk and ask of them to request NAA to make their Service Records viewable online, for Verification of Service.
  • Simply Email ( archives@naa.gov.au ) and request the Service Records of (Service Number & Full Names) be made viewable online.
  • When advised that this has been done, please contact me at ( ocar23@iinet.net.au ) and I will review the Service Records, and hopefully, add another Rat of Tobruk, to my National ROT Database of 18,119 records.



A new Section ( ROT VC Recipients ) has been added to Honour Roll/Victoria Cross/ROT VC Recipients, which provides the details of our Six (6) ROT VC winners of WW2.


Thank You - Please Enjoy the Site.

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