The Owner and Creator of this Site, Owen Carlton, Acknowledges and Respects the Service and Sacrifice of the Men of the Allied Forces (Army, Navy & Air Force) who proudly wear the name "Rats of Tobruk" like a Badge of Honour.

Some 14,000 Australians, about two thirds of the total Allied Veterans involved, participated in one of the longest Sieges in British Military History - the eight month (241 days) long "Siege of Tobruk", from April 10 to December 7, 1941, in Libya, North Africa.

The Bravery, Dedication, Determination and Persistence of these famous "Rats of Tobruk", denied the Germans access to the Port of Tobruk, and halted the advance of the Afrika Korps, led by General Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox), into Egypt, North Africa.

The "Rats of Tobruk" were led by Lieut General Leslie James Morshead (Ming the Merciless) and they lived by their Motto:- "What We Have We Hold" and "No Surrender"


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