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Website Audit Update

020219::: IMPORTANT MESSAGE - National ROT Database Audit.

Total Records =  18338 >> 18605 >> 18695

Tobruk Army Aus =  11880 >> 11914 >> 11932 >> 11950
Tobruk RAN Aus = 1043 >> 1042
Tobruk RAAF Aus = 27
Tobruk Fallen – Aust = 2532 >> 2533 >> 2550 >> 2549
Tobruk POW = 1108 >> 1105 >> 1108 >> 1109
Tobruk Army UK = 102 >> 104 >> 107
Tobruk RN UK = 24
Tobruk RAF = 4 >> 5

Tobruk Army Polish =401>> 421 >> 425 >> 434

Tobruk Fallen – Polish = 134
Tobruk Army Czech = 4
Living Rats – Aust = 67 >> 64 >> 64 >> 62 >> 59 >> 58 >> 57

UnConfirmed Rats = 1977 >> 1854 >> 2115 >> 2358 >> 2419

Added since 1/09/2017 = 4779 >> 4876 >> 5143 >> 5235

UnConfirmed Rats is a very Important Section of my National ROT Database, which could contain a high number of Verified Rats of Tobruk, if I could confirm their Service.

I request all Descendants and Relatives of Rats to have a very Close Look at this Section for your Rat of Tobruk, whose Service Records have not been digitised for Verification of Service in Tobruk, during the Siege of Tobruk Period. It is quite likely that Descendants and Relatives are not aware that Service Records do exist at NAA for all Second AIF Personnel of WW2. To correct this situation, it is only necessary to Email ( ) and request the Service Records of, (Service Number, Full Names), to be made viewable online.

Currently there are 2419 Records in the UnConfirmed Section of my National ROT Database, waiting for advice to me, that they have been digitised and are now viewable online. When I receive such advice, I will review their Service Records, with the hope that I can register another Rat of Tobruk, in the Tobruk Section of my National ROT Database.

At least 50% of this number will be Rats of Tobruk, who need Verification of Service, to be recorded as “Rats of Tobruk” and their Descendants and Relatives are likely to not be aware of their existence, which troubles me greatly.

It would be most helpful, if Descendants and Relatives of a Rat of Tobruk could see their way clear to have the Service Records of their Rat of Tobruk made viewable online at NAA, or by being able to provide other forms of documented evidence, thereby allowing the Verification of Service as a Rat of Tobruk, to be ascertained.

Please pass this information on to others who may need to know – it is my desire to have every “Rat of Tobruk” recorded on my National ROT Database and ROT Tribute Website – They are very Special Men and Famous Soldiers.

If you have any concerns in regard to the above, please Email Me at;  ( )

( )

Remember the Rats of Tobruk Motto - "No Surrender" and "What We Have - We Hold"

Let us all assist; in Keeping the FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk, who Served with the Allied Forces involved in the Siege of Tobruk.

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Thank You Everyone for your continued support of my Rats of Tobruk Project. Owen Carlton, A Proud Aussie Nasho, Ex ROTA.


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